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PPR is essential before visiting us.

"Visiting pilots are advised that both runways at Shifnal are situated on a working farm. Please be alert for activities associated with multi-function airfields like this one.

The runways are suitable for microlights and other recreational aircraft with similar STOL performance but like many farm airstrips they are bordered in places by hazards such as fences and trees. This makes it essential for pilots not to allow their aircraft to drift off the circuit pattern on approach and landing or take off and climb out."

Reproduced by kings permission of Pooleys Flight Equipment

Although the content of this website has been compiled from the latest information available, it should ONLY be used as a guide. The Wrekin Microlight Flying Club, cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or omissions herein. References should always be made to the UK AIP, CAA aeronautical charts and NOTAMS.


The portrayal of this website does not imply any right to use Shifnal Airfield without Prior Permission (PPR) from WMFC

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